Wind Wing


Wind Wing (Evaluating Team)

              1.   There should be an Evaluation Team.

  1. They are called the Wind Wing .  The word itself denotes the swiftness with which they execute works.
  1. They will meet once in two months in which the reports of the Captains will be scrutinized. Their role is to encourage and appreciate the Captains, pointing out the achievements, after listening to the reports carefully.  For this, a copy of the report should me submitted to them.  It can be the same report which they submitted to the Wheel Wing or a different one, more elaborate.
  1. The members should be ‘born again believers. (For the members of the Wheel Wing  this condition is not there).
  1. They will deliberately go through the report of the Captains, compare it with the Plans  they submitted the previous month, whether there is any failure, or unaccomplished parts.  If yes, they will bring it to the notice of the Captains. They should  be capable of  showing  means and methods to fulfill them by mobilizing funds, persons, good will etc…  The members of the evaluating team should have thorough knowledge about the Christian Resources in India. I.e. about
  1. Institutions, professional, technical, charitable etc.
  2. Personnel
  3. Training

So that they will be able to guide the Captains to seek help from them in the proper way.

The works can be divided in this way.

  1. One member collects the addresses of all the Bible Colleges, and study centres
  2. One   “          “                   “            of independent  preachers and evangelizers
  3. One   “          “                   “            of Media ministry
  4. One   “          “                   “            of Children ministry
  5. One   “          “                   “            of pastors and churches

5.  Evaluation meeting should take place every two months.

  1. Evaluation Meeting and Wheel Wing  meeting should be combined in order to avoid unnecessary consumption of time.
  1. Evaluation Meeting should take place prior to the Wheel Wing meeting every two months so that the Wind Wing  members can direct the Captains in  seeking proper help from the Board members.
  1. In each meeting Captains should submit two papers.
  1. Report of the last two months
  2. Plan for the next two months
  1. It is the duty of the Wind Wing to see that when the Captains go back to their battlefields, they go refreshed & revived
  1. Members could be appointed in a meeting which may be held as early as possible. Suggestions of names as we do now for the Wheel Wing