KHRDC is a movement to bring in a social revival in India by providing employment opportunities to individuals; raising the status of women in the society; teaching the dignity of all kinds of labour and reducing the disparity between the affluent and the marginalized.  KHRDC serves as an aid to remove women slavery in India.  The goal of KHRDC is to develop skilled entrepreneurs, especially from among girls, women, rural youth, drug and alcohol addicts and the downtrodden making them job providers rather than job seekers to respond to the newer avenues and growing demands of the society.

KHRDC provides short term courses teaching any subject as per need.  Students are not only educated but are provided with job opportunities.  KHRDC focuses on both the educated and the uneducated.

KHRDC conducts training programmes utilizing the services of volunteers from different parts of the country in character formation, ethics, skills etc.  Placements are secured by KHRDC  to those who successfully complete the trainings.

KHRDC is a centre which pools up the goodwill and generous heart of committed people with a spirit of  sacrifice for the uplifting of the society.

KHRDC takes care of the well being of the employers and the welfare of the employees and serves the needs of both parties equally.

KHRDC will evolve and implement various other activities related to and achieving the goals. Its registered office and working office are  at Chennai. It has been  conducting various types of  Personality and community  Development Training and other Trainings from the year 2001 onwards. A few of them are

  • Shekinah
  • EHC (Eshcol Harvest  Camp)
  • PST (Peniel Skill Training)
  • BGT( Bethel Gift training )
  • ECC (Eshcol counselling course)
  • TIP  (Transformation India Programme)
  • BFF (Be formed and form  Training )
  • Natural Farming
  • RUB (Rise up & Build India)

Purpose of KHRDC

  • To act as a link between the employer (Company) and the employee.
  • To provide training and to equip them for workplace evangelism.
  • To create an app where all information are collected and sent to the prospective employer.
  • To raise reliable, sincere and trustworthy people in the workplace like Joseph and Daniel who put God first in everything they do.
  • It provides temporary or permanent.
  • Workplace discipline is the need of the hour.
  • To raise people who are righteous and who stand as an example of good character and maturity.

“ Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Eschol Counselling Course

The ECC training program launched on 5th Aug – 18, aims at  training  & rejuvenating  people who are rejected by the society and transform them into better citizens.

One month of Training program develops their Spiritual & Personal Skills and help them  to get suitable jobs through KHRDC .

Redemptive Recovery Care – Red Hills – Chennai – Tamil Nadu supported by Dr. Arumugasamy & Dr. Sujatha.

Role of KHRDC 

  • KHRDC trains people on their personality Development, Character formation, Transforming India projects, Personal Skills etc.
  • Develop their Spiritual, Emotional & Mental health.
  • Once a month they come together for a fellowship. This is a time when they will have following activities:
  • Review of their job
  • Evaluating their workplace experiences
  • Collecting the report from Employer on their
  • Interview with KHRDC Counsellor
  • Recreation activities

Mode Of Training

  • 1 Month Training Program towards Personality & Spiritual Development.
  • To train &rejuvenate people specially who are rejected by the society.
  • Develop divine character in them so that they can love the whole humanity.
  • to help them find employment through KHRDC Company
  • To make people responsible & trustworthy in their workplaces
  • Regular follow up of placed candidates
  • Develop their talents in Cooking, drawing, Handcraft.

KHRDC Services

Printing Services – DTP, Visiting cards, Pamphlets, Brochure, Stickers, Calendars

Gardening  – Garden decoration, Farming, Pot making and more

Construction – Painting, Patch work, Carpentry

Electrical – All kinds of electrical services

Graphic Designing – Logo, UX design, 3D modeling in interior & exterior design, Advertisement

Catering Services – Veg and Non veg

For details Contact

Paul – 8124677493

Rajesh – 6381559202

Vijay – 9092260655