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The Model Church

(Revealed to Sis. Angelica on 30.11.2006)

The Lord started speaking again this morning.  When I was in Trivandrum, I heard Pastor Sam telling his church, “There is no model Church today in this world; that is the problem.  When people want to sell commodities, they show a model and explain its usage and benefits.  But only for church, we cannot show a specimen like it”.

The Spirit told me this morning:  “True, there is no model church in this world today.  But I can give you specifications of one model church. Whoever is zealous to build it, let him come forward.  All these days, they (Pastors) were building their own churches, not My church.”

Haggai 1:4-6 The Lord asks,Is it time for you yourselves to dwell in your paneled-up houses, while this house lies waste? Now therefore thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Consider your ways’.”

Verse Interpretation
You have sown much What a lot of efforts you  pastors are putting in
But you bring in little Your efforts bring less fruit
Examples:1. 3000 received baptism the same day (Acts 2:41). Have any one of you given baptism to 3000 people the same day?
2. All those who believed were together and had all things in common (Acts 2:44). Is there any church in your land which practices this concept?
3. The Lord added together day by day those who were being saved (Acts 2:47). Is there any pastor among you who gives baptism every day?
4. When Ananias heard these words he fell down and died (Acts 5:5). Is there any incident of falling down and dying at the admonition of the Church head?
5. Great fear came upon all those who heard this (Acts 5:5).Great fear came upon the whole church and upon all those who heard these things (Acts 5:11). Is there fear among the believers of your church, of instant death or such havocs, if they enter unworthy?
You looked for much Your expectation  of many souls to come and fill your church, miracles to happen in your church during services
And yet it amounted to little; Your dreams did not come true;
Jehovah says, My house lies  waste; while you each run to your own house You have built “your own churches”.  Your churches are not according to the model which I have shown you. (Read Acts). Moses built the tabernacle exactly according to the model I gave him. You are building according to the model others (pastors or churches) have shown.
“Go up to the mountain”; Go up to the (prayer) mountain (spend 21/2 hours daily in praise and worship)
“and build the house” Start getting plans from the mountain (in prayer) as Moses did.  I will speak to you everyday what to do, what not to do; where to go, where not to go; whom to meet; whom not to meet etc. Let this be an everyday affair;
“bring wood”By cutting trees only we can bring wood; Tree= soul. Cutting a tree is not an easy work.Much labour and pain is involved in it.Wood cutters will have to rise up early in the morning, go to the woods, (forest) with his weapon, the sword (axe), start cutting the roots of the tree, then branches and then pull it down.It is not collecting the wood somebody else has pulled down. Harvesting a soul is not easy. The souls are kept captive by the strong man who is fully armed (Lk. 11:21, Mk.3:27).  “Can the booty be taken from the strong man or the lawful captives be delivered?” (Is.49:24).  “No one can enter into the house of the strong man and thoroughly plunder his goods unless he first binds the strong man” (Mat.12:29).
and I will take pleasure in it and will be glorified” says Jehovah. These days the Holy Spirit is trying to build His church, the model Church in which God is glorified.  He will be pleased with those who come forward to build this.

If anybody wants to make it they are welcome.  Tell all the pastors that I want to build my real Church in these last days on this earth.  I want to pose the model of “My Church”, the real bride of Christ, for whom He sacrificed His life and blood, the church which He is going to present in front of His Father.  “That He might present the church to Himself glorious, not having spot or wrinkle or any such things, but that she would be holy and without blemish” (Eph.5:27).

Those who have ears let him hear and come forward.

[Just like the Government publishes tender-notice in newspapers, the Lord is advertising an open invitation, invoking builders (church heads) to come forward.  He challenges them to accept His conditions and get the remuneration!

(See whether the following verse will be fulfilled in his church or not!)   “Truly, truly, I say to you, He who believes in Me, the works which I do he shall do also; and greater than these he shall do because I am going to the Father.” (Jn.14:12)]

This church will be filled with His glory, the Lord says.  People will be scared to enter this.  When they step into the church, they will be convicted of their sins; they will start weeping; they will acknowledge their sins, and confess, “The Lord is here”. “My holiness will be there, as it was in Solomon’s Temple”, the Lord says.

About this Church only, it was said, “The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former, says Jehovah” (Hag.2:9).

Model Church

Model Church is a church where all individuals are allowed to grow- grow into the full stature of the Head, Christ.

“Listen carefully.  When I choose a believer, I don’t call him without a purpose.  I bestow on him a special grace for a special ministry.

Do you employ any labourer in construction but give him no work (mason, plumber, electrician, digging, engineer, supervisor, wiring, tile works etc.) and then pay him salary at the end of each week without doing any work?

The primary duty of the church is to find out the particular gift in a believer and facilitate its growth.  The church should see that “A” becomes fully grown into the special calling or gift he is given.

In each believer, one special gift will be manifested.  There are different gifts in the church like:


 1.Preaching 2.Loving 3.Patience
4.Giving 5.Ministering to the sick 6.Forgiving
7.Healing 8.Miracle working 9.Praying
10.Leadership 11.Organizing 12.Ministering to children
13.Ministering to the aged 14.Counseling 15.Ministering to the youth
16.Prophecy 17.Teaching 18.Leadership
19.Hospitality 20.Ministering to the saints 21.Spiritual Warfare
22.Discernment 23.Singing 24.Detachment
25.Worship leading 26.Composing songs 27.See the paper “Installation “ for more

Select people from church who have the above gifts.

Steps to follow

Separate everyone in the church who is above 15 years into any one of the above groups to be taken care.

To be noted:

  1. All may not have grown equally.
  2. Everyone may have more than one gift.  Prioritize in order.
  3. To grow this gift you can bring a leader who is matured in that area even from another church.
  4. Like there are subjects like Physics, Chemistry there should be experts in gifts in the church.
  5. One can have a ‘main’ gift and also have other gifts side by side.
  6. The Church like an educational institution should see that it sends out all the believers after a particular period of time, say, 1 year.  No believer should be seen sitting in the church after that.
  7. For this we start with a church, “Life Fellowship” in Trivandrum.
  8. There will be groups of people, getting trained in gifts.  Pastor will see to the all-round growth (just like we have common languages like English, Hindi etc.) of all the groups through Sunday Service, pastoral care, etc.

Methods to find out the gifts in a believer

 Ask them to come together in a place and ask them to write in a paper:


  1. The gift each one has.
  2. The incidents that make them feel that they have that particular gift.
  3. The Scripture portions that support it.
  4. Read what you have written to the small group.
  5. Narrate five incidents that happened in your life to prove that you have this gift.
  6. What are you going to do in order to trade with these gifts, talents (that is- to train and teach others in these gifts)?  (All the talents are given for a specific purpose, in order that may be traded with and not kept hidden under the ground).
  7. Write 5 expectations of yours from the church in this regard.
  8. What all helps do you require to exercise these gifts?
  9. When are you going to exercise these gifts in ministry? (mention a particular date and time) And how?
  10. People who have the same gifts should come together once a week, take the relevant scripture portions, read and get rooted in it (till the classes are arranged for them).  Matured seeds should be set apart.

Training in Charis groups

 ‘Charis’ is the common name of the group formed of persons with particular gifts.  There can be 20, 25, even 50 Charis groups in a church, depending on the vivid gifts the believers have received.  According to the faith and generosity of the pastor in committing himself, I will increase the number of gifts in each Church.  Let each church have at least 20 Charis groups (20 different gifts). If they have below the number, it should not be called a church, let it be a sister church, which is functioning under a full fledged church and pastor.

Church Failures

 “The only institution in the world which is non-productive and has kept its people functioning in under-capacity is the church. Why is My church like this?  A company’s growth is measured by its productivity.  Has any church ever taken an account of its input and output?

Input= land, finance, talents, manpower, time, resources, willingness to do anything.

Output= how many have emerged as evangelists?  The ultimate aim of any church is forming and sending evangelists.  No church has ever achieved this target of sending out 100% believers.

Lord accusing His Church

“How many Davids did I raise to rule My people in the last 2006 years?”

“How many Samuels did I raise to anoint My servants in the last 2006 years?”

“How many Elijahs did I raise in the last 2006 years to stand in front of kings?”

“How many Lydias did I raise in the last 2006 years who opened their heart for the Word?”

“How many lames have I healed?  You keep on preaching and preaching about the same lame man in Acts. Haven’t I performed miracles in the midst of you? To how many did you proclaim them? Why didn’t you select messengers to be sent out to proclaim them?”

“Within 3 years, I trained 12 people who were to be the foundations of My church”.  The Lord is asking the Church, “Within 2006 years how many have you trained to be Apostles? You should have trained and formed millions of Apostles to proclaim the gospel across the countries?  Didn’t I promise, ‘He who believes in Me, the works which I do he shall do also; and greater than these he shall do?’ (Jn 14:12).  Did the power of the Holy Spirit whom I sent decrease?  Did He go weak?”

Church- not a dumping place

The church is not a dumping place. I did not establish my church to dump people like this! My churches have been changed into a dumping room where you keep useless, waste materials! A man who is working busy and active on all the 6 days becomes a dummy, a spectator on the 7th day, Sunday.  They come and stand before you like a fearful slave for 2 or 3 hours and go.  You have made them dummies.  Hereafter I will not bear this! I will not sit silent after seeing all these!


God’s Church- A Powerful Army


“A powerful army which has to march forward, breaking all the barriers, capturing nations one after the other, has been tied up, lifeless, for centuries! The Church has to be blamed for this! Release all those who are tied down! Release donkeys on whom Christ has to go the triumphant, victorious march around the world, across the nations!”

Suppression in Churches

“You pastors and church heads!  You have suppressed those who want to come up, those who want to take risk and venture to do anything for My sake! You have to encourage them.  There will be flaws in the beginning.  Wait patiently!  Bear with their failures!   Look back to your past days!  How did you grow? Were you a born preacher?  a born prophet?  a born evangelist? How patient was I with you, till you grew into one?  You have to train patiently each member to grow into its fullness until it reaches the full stature of its Head, Jesus Christ!”

Barren Church

“You have changed My Church and My People like barren eunuchs who are given just food and employed to do works in palaces. Are My people cattle which are tied to poles to come at regular time for eating feed? They come to church  regularly on Sundays, take a particular seat, hear the Word of God, spend 2 hours and go. If you take the number of times they have used the seats, they would have worn out!  This state should not continue!”

No more silent spectators in Churches.  Nobody should be a silent spectator in My Church!

If somebody does not turn up on Sundays, you go in search of them! Just to fill the number!  How can you sit silent without warning a believer who has received the gift of God, but is not using it?  If you had done that, a church with 100 believers would have been enough to evangelize the whole India?

A Church is to be evaluated not by its buildings or its wealth not even by the number of people who attend it. How many are being anointed and sent to preach the Gospel and to plant Churches? This shows the true growth of the Church.  If your are not married or if they don’t have children after their marriage, you say, it is a sad thing.  What a crime it is then, that my Church worldwide is kept unmarried and barren?

 Church- not stagnant water

“Is my Church a gutter”? “I am the source of life giving fountain” (John 7:37-38)

“Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling upto eternal life” (John 4:14)

rain comes down, and the snow from heaven,….it waters the earth and makes it bear and sprout forth…..seed to the sower and bread to the eater” (Is.55:10).  Today My church looks like the unnecessary muddy stagnated water that rain leaves on the village roads.


Life-giving Fountain

“The water that I give will become in him ‘a fountain of water springing up into eternal life’.  From each believer, it will spring up and flow.  Nobody can stop it. It will flow breaking all the barriers and  frontiers.  Today Churches are like dams, which has stored water, not allowing to flow freely.  My Church is dead.  I am going to give life to it!”

“The wells, which are full of dirt, filled up, I am going to dig again.  The wells which do not provide pure water to its members now will be dug again. Water will flow, flow freely down through the deserts, valleys and even hills, mountains! Let it flow, flow! Let my people say, ‘Water, come up”.  Let My flock drink. Let them rest near the fountains.”

Church – A Sheepfold

“Is My church a place like a sheepfold where the sheep are kept for protection?  No. The Church is My house where I stay.  I will speak to them when they come together every week.  And they should do it.  This is the reason why the church is not preaching the gospel and is not growing.”

Sunday Christians

“Haven’t I brought 3000 people to the church in one day?  Is it impossible for Me now?  This is what I am going to do in India in the coming days.  The reason why I didn’t increase the number in the church so far is if I had done it, even they would sit in the church as ‘Sunday Christians’.”

Story of the Cup Factory

The Lord told me the story of a cup factory to explain the failure of the Church.

Once a learned man who lived in a city went to visit a remote village to make a study of it.  The people of that village were very much uncivilized.  They lived a primitive life.  They did not even have cups to drink tea.  They used coconut shells to drink beverages.  He felt pity on that people.  He made a total study of the area.  The land was fertile.  Water was good.  Good soil and natural resources.  After going back, he wanted to do something for the village people to come up in life.  There was a landlord.  He approached the landlord, narrated about the village and his desire to help them.  He wanted to start factories in that village in order to manufacture items very much needed for the village people.  The first to start with was tea cups.  For this he needed a lump sum amount as capital.  The landlord promised to help since he also felt pity for the villagers.  He released the first instalment of money on a contract basis.  The agreement was that when the factory started releasing the product (whenever the factory releases the first cup) he will start repaying the amount.


The man got money in several installments.  Weeks, months, years passed.  Money was not repaid.  The landlord got irritated.  So he sent his servants to the village.  They came  back and gave the report.  “We saw a big plot of land, construction works, digging, quarry works going on.  Lights everywhere, lot of workers, load men, wood cutters, masons, working, etc.”  The landlord was satisfied.  Work was been started.  Months passed by.  No news from the factory.  Again he sent the servants.


They came and said, “We saw a big compound wall, hi tech buildings, a big gate; watchmen didn’t allow us inside; noises of people talking in different languages were heard outside; two wheelers, four wheelers going up and down, phone calls, office boys.  Everybody was busy running here and there.  We could not talk to the ‘man’ you mentioned.  The servants said that he is the G.M. and so has security.  Without appointment he cannot be seen.  For the next two months, he is not giving an appointment to anyone.  He is so busy.  Go tell the landlord to get an appointment if he wants to meet him.  You servants should not come again.”


The owner of the factory was again getting loans from the landlord at specific intervals.  The landlord got furious.  He sent the same servants to the village to enquire whether the living conditions of the villagers had improved.  They were still using the coconut shells to drink water as well as tea.  There were no educational facilities.  The plight of the village remained the same.  Not a single villager had been appointed in the factory.  Rather a big compound wall was raised so that no one from the village could enter it.


The deadline for repaying the first instalment of loan was far past.  The owner of the factory still went on getting money from the landlord without repaying any amount.


The landlord realised that he had been cheated.  The owner of the factory had some other objectives than improving the village.  The next day the landlord himself went to see the factory and meet the owner of the factory to whom he had paid the money.  When asked, he showed the buildings, workers’ quarters, vehicles and drivers for the workers, canteen facilities, generator room, school, parks- all built for the workers.  Everything was posh inside.  He tried to convince the landlord, “Sir, bear with me.  The cup production is not yet started.  As I have promised, I will start repaying your loan when the first cup is released.  After finishing all the work inside, I will start working for the improvement of the village.  Please grant me two more instalments.”


The landlord got wild, confiscated all the properties, lands and buildings , vacated all the workers, took the factory under his control, appointed new workers.  The next month itself the first cup was released.  The villagers were given tea cups free.  They came to know the usage of it.  The workers were employed from the village itself.  The village began to improve.  After a period of time, the villagers themselves took over the factory and started running it.  They paid all the loans to the landlord.   He was happy over the growth of the village.


N.B. We can understand that the learned man (Manager) stands for the one who runs the Church and the Landlord for God Himself.


Pastors- Monopolising the Holy Spirit


Today the Lord showed how the pastors neglected the gifted persons in their churches.  They should have been utilised for the building up of the church but were neglected.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit were suppressed and not allowed to grow in believers.  All the Charis leaders the Lord raised were forced to find their own separate fields of ministry outside the church, without any support from the pastors.  It should have been the reverse!  The pastor should have identified the gifted persons and given them all support in growing the gifts and utilising it in the best possible ways for the growth of the church.


Many “uncalled” pastors


All the gifted persons were forced to become ‘pastors’.  They were not called to be pastors or anointed by the Spirit to become one.  The church today is filled with “unanointed pastors” or “uncalled pastors”.  It has become difficult to distinguish between the original (real pastors) and the duplicate (unanointed pastors).


Why such a miserable situation?  The heads of the church are to be blamed for this situation!


The only gift recognised, valued, and highlighted by the church is ‘pastor’.  The clergy, bishops, pastors were given more respect and recognition in society than anybody else.  Naturally, everybody was encouraged directly or indirectly to become a pastor.  Bible colleges became ‘pastor manufacturing factories’.  Thousands of pastors were ‘produced’.  And they were to find livelihood by ‘producing’ sheep.  These sheep are necessary for their survival!  What a pity!  Pastors became competitive in sheep catching!  They divided areas and established jurisdiction borders!  A system worse than the secular worldly system!


“Self advertising gifters”


(Gifter is the name coined by me for lack of a better word.  It meansà one who has received a particular gift.  It may be changed for a better word.)


If the pastors’ lot is this, the other ministers’ (gifts other than pasturing) destiny was even more pitiable!  They found themselves blessed by ‘gifts’ of the Holy Spirit but not recognised by anybody!  They had to go on advertising themselves, making wall posters, tying of banners, booking No.1 hotels and auditoriums for conventions, screaming at the top of their voice, claiming that they had such and such gifts!  In this cutthroat competitive market, the best advertisers became the best sellers of the gifts!  They all made good sales out of me!  (The Spirit is very much grieved)


Those who possessed other gifts al so had to put up the hat of ‘pastors’ because only pastors got market and got sales!  So they also made ‘pastor-hats’, and wore them so that they get an identity in the society!  The number of self-made pastors increased.  Pastorship became a good source of making money and name!  Criminals and robbers under the name “pastor” and “bishop” are caught by police!  You read it in newspapers!  Are you not ashamed?


Those who received the gifts of miracle working, preaching, teaching, worship leading, giving, administering, counselling, writing, singing, all were labelled as pastors!  They were all forced to be called ‘pastors’  because these gifts were not valued or recognised.  If at all these gifts were to be operated or utilised, they have to start a church and begin ‘pasturing’.  Since they were not recognised either by the church or by the church heads, they went out of “their church” to seek a crowd of their own in which their gifts will find manifestation!  What a pity!  The pastors were afraid of recognising them and their gifts for fear of going inferior.  Look into the world of missionaries! (The Lord sympathises with them.  How they began their ministry in poverty, lacking everything, some even thrown out from the church, branded as disobedient agitators, etc.)



Independent Missionary Organisations!  Unnecessary shoot ups because of the failure of the church!


Independent missionary organisations are today functioning autonomously as parallel churches.  These growths emerged out of the calling of a particular individual.  When that individual received the calling, the pastor should have identified it and absorbed their gifts into the church.  Since the pastor was incompetent to identify/discern/recognise/approve/grow this gift, that believers started functioning automatically.  Had the church done the above duty at the right time, such missionary organisations would have functioned within the church of that area.  The name and fame would have gone to the pastor and the church!  But since they failed to do it, they went out, searched a crowd for themselves, suffered ill name, bad reputation, attack from the pastors and churches, some survived but many succumbed to the criticism, went without address and died.  What a loss to the church!


Why didn’t the church identify the gift and recognise those who received the calling (for eg. Augustine Jebakumar)?  The church should have sent him, the pastor should have accompanied him to the north, found a place for him to do ministry, supported him with money, visited him often, helped him by sending missionaries and helpers from the church, etc.  The church failed to do its duty.


Missionary work- primary duty of the church


Why didn’t the church allow the individuals to grow in the missionary spirit?  Why didn’t the church adopt the northern states?  Why didn’t the churches go out to the villages in the north?  They allowed missionary organisations to substitute the work which the church should have done.  Even now the churches boast that they are doing a lot.  But they are not.  All the missionary organisations, prayer groups, associations, which stand outside the ‘framework’ of the church today are themselves proofs of the same.  Those missionary organisations have achieved what churches with all their infrastructure, buildings, personnel, money, authority, recognition and reputation could not achieve.  Churches should have recognised, embraced and allowed all these member with gifts and graces to grow in side the church.  The churches list these members!  Since the church miserably failed in this. The members with gifts went out on their own.  Some were expelled from the churches, others were branded as ‘disobedient’ by the church heads since they obeyed the Holy Spirit.


Circus companies!


The church leaders have created an image that only pastor deserve remuneration and all the offering the believers give to the church are given for the pastors.  Those who have other gifts are also worthy of remuneration!  Church heads never allowed their believers to share their tithes or others offerings to be divided.  They even made doctrines and taught them about it.  This religious system became worse that that of Judaism during the B.C. period.  Those who received gifts other than pasturing were thrown out to the streets as beggars.  They could not even find means of livelihood.  They could not educate their children.  Just for survival, they had to put up big stages, advertise the gifts of the Holy Spirit, attract crowds just like circus companies do!


Competitions! ‘Gift- parades’!


Competitions among one another to attract crowds and to show each one’s talents and gifts!  Some even advertise about ‘talent show’ or ‘gifts parade’!


It looks like the competitions in the cine field or political field!  It ended up in the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory!  Is this My church?  The pastor have degraded My church, My people and My name!  they live on exploiting My gifts and the person who were given such gifts.


Since the neglected but gifted persons (those who received the gifts other than pasturing) wanted to earn a livelihood, they started selling My gifts!  Selling cassettes, selling even ‘seats’ (in conventions).  They trade on Me!  They trade on My gifts!  They trade on My revelations!  If you find somebody who has got a ‘gift’, you take that person in procession from one church to the other and from one stage to the other in order to make money!  After the ‘show’ is over, he is thrown into the dungeon!  Then you wait and look for a new person with a new revelation or vision to rise up!  It is worse than cutting off the hand or leg of a child to use them fior begging!  They have nade My name an abomination among the heathens!


Church adorned with gifts!


All the missionary organisations and prayer groups which are working independently and outside the church today should have been absorbed into the church!  How beautiful and rich My church would have looked with all of them!  I want to see My church adorned with all the gifts!


The model church I am going to make should be one which fulfils the above conditions!  It is the duty of the church to make each gift grow inside the church and facilitate the full blooming of it!  Today’s churches have suppressed and blocked the coming up of buds, flowers and seeds!  This is a crime!  They should ask pardon from Me!  Invariably all the churches have neglected the gifts of the Hoy Spirit and the people on whom the Spirit bestowed His gifts!




Since they have neglected Me, I have neglected them too!  I have made the responsibility of running a church a heavy yoke bound on them! ‘Running the church’ has become a burden for many of them.  The church heads had come to a stage if telling, “Please take away this burden from me”, “Will anybody come to release me”, “I want to run away”.  It is me who did it!  Still they did not ask Me why this is a burden.


Prophets sent by God!


All these days I raised prophets within the church to condemn the pastors of their mistakes!  But you expelled them and threw them out from the church!  Result?  They grew from the place where they were laid!  They grew like the sixth finger in a hand!


You say the fivefold ministry in the church is symbolic of the five fingers in a hand!  You made an extra finger grow in your hand!  Will a hand look nice with six or more fingers?




Sixth Finger?


If you have an extra finger on your hand, won’t you hide it or go to the doctor to amputate it from the hand?


My church looks ugly with fingers hanging right and left, back and front! The original fingers  have gone numb, sick and the hand has become numb.  The extra fingers which have grown unsystematically and unevenly are functioning thus making the body active.  Think of a hand with many fingers, e ach dictating, ruling, pointing, functioning on its own, uncontrolled by the brain, and the original five fingers hanging from the hand doing nothing!


What a burden for the body!  Imagine the pitiable position of that man!  Doesn’t it express that the body is unhealthy and has an improper growth?  They whole body will be in a mess because it is out of the control of the brain!  All whom see such a man will pity him!  You have made My church look like this!  The heathens pity the church when they hear of the division, splits, court cases, violence, competition for position, etc. going on in the church and among churches!  What a shame on the ‘Man’ whose body it is!  You have made My name abominable among the heathens in the midst of whom you live!


Church made a security force!


You have made My church a security force where they get physical, social, psychological and all kinds of security.  Thus it lost the challenge of venturing into the insecurities of the world.  A believer is one who runs away from the securities the world gives and  who takes upon himself the insecurity of challenging the world.  Christ is his only security!  But My church us just the opposite now!  It poses all security and attracts others to come and join it!  Showing the security of money, big showy buildings, wealth, land, marriage facilities, education of children, etc.


Churches should not provide any security either physical or spiritual!  I should be, I alone should be their security!  A true believers should be encouraged to come out of all security and go to the insecure world as a missionary, to a world which is exposed to sickness, illiteracy, inconveniences, lack of educational facilities, lack of living facilities, lack of food, shelter, dear ones, etc.


But you offered a wrong image of the church by constructing big buildings and accumulating wealth!


Priesthood- unwanted mediatory system


God in His economy intended that all His people be priests serving Him directly. In Exodus 19:6, God ordained the children of Israel to be a kingdom of priests, this means that God wanted them all to be priests.  However because they worshipped the golden calf (Ex. 32:1-6), they lost the priesthood and only the tribe of Levi because of its faithfulness to God was chosen to replace the whole nation of Israel as priest to God (Deut. 33:8-10).  Hence there was a mediatory class between God and the children of Israel.  This became a strong system in Judaism.


In New Testament, God has returned to His original intention.  According to His economy, He has made all believers in Christ priests (Rev. 1:6; 5:10; 1 Pet. 2:5, 9).  But at the end of the initial church, even in the first century, the Nicolaitans intervened as the mediatory class to spoil God’s economy.


This became a system that was adopted by the Roman Catholic Church- priestly system.  Thus has been retained by the Protestant churches.  The same system is now being followed by the Pentecostal churches also. The manifestations of mediatory class today in the different churches are as follows:

Roman Catholic Church Priestly system
State Churches Clerical system
Independent Churches Pastoral system


This system spoils the universal priesthood of all believers.  This creates two classes in the church: Clergy and Laity.  There should be neither clergy nor laity.  All believers should be priests for God.  Since this ‘mediatory class’ destroys the universal priesthood of God’s intention, God hates it!

Compromising with the world (To the Western Church)


“Why did you allow Carnalism (fleshly people) to grow among you?” (The Lord showed the people of western countries, who are given to fleshly desires, eating, drinking, abuses in sex and marriage covenant).

“Why was My Church incapable of overcoming these people, love of money, love of the world? Why could it not establish its supremacy over materialism and secularism?  Why has the Church failed?  It has failed miserably and lost its control over the fleshly, worldly people and systems. What a pity!  They are controlling the church now. You have allowed them to do it.  Are you not ashamed of it?

You gave way to all the worldly things to creep into my Church. Slowly they became dominant.  The result? My flock, the poor innocent people are perishing.  My people, the innocent people, are reaping the results, as a society, even as a nation.”


Allowing Materialism and compromising with Worldly Pleasures


Many of the people are proud of having property, wealth, buildings and bank deposits for the church.  Some consider it as part of development and culture.  You should have cursed those countries, and cultures which allowed materialism to creep into the churches.  Is there not a prophet among you to rebuke such vulgarism?  Why don’t you cast such people out of the churches which preach such doctrines?  You should have cancelled the names of those ‘churches’ which promote worldly pleasures from the Church list?

You hear of gay marriage, homosexuals existing in churches and keep dumb.  You still encourage your believers to go to these countries which accommodate such people.  Is there no one to send protest letters to these churches and pastors which encourage such things?

If in any country, there occurs violence, natural calamity, a bomb explosion, cyclone, you send them condolence letters and messages. You should have sent condolence messages to the pastors of these churches and to the Presidents, Senate members who passed such bills in the so called “Christian countries”.  After coming to know of these bills through Newspapers and Televisions, how can you sit silent?  How could you keep silent when you hear about all the nonsense that is taking place in the Western church?



The Need to Protest


Why didn’t you write protest letters to those pastors appealing them to cast out such “dogs’ out of the church? You should have collected the signatures of your believers, and sent it immediately to the local church head to whom those ‘Christians’ belonged. You should find out, in whose church such nasty things happen.  Write to them strongly to show your protest against the “assassination” of the church.  Each time you come to know of such things, you should, as the Church in India send a condolence message to the dead church.




You know what My servant Moses did.  When he saw the people were without restraint (for Aaron had let them be without restraint to be derision among those who rise up against them), Moses stood in the gate of the camp and said, “Whoever is for Jehovah, come to me” (Ex.32:25-26).  The sons of Levi gathered themselves to him.

Let one Moses rise in My church and roar!  “Who is for Jehovah (and Jesus)? Come to me.”

“And Moses said to them, ‘Thus says Jehovah, the God of Israel,


Verse Interpretation
Let each man put his sword upon his thigh Take the Word of God
and go back and forth from country to country
from gate to gate from church to church
throughout the camp throughout  the globe wherever there is church on earth- Church  is the tent filled with His Shekinah glory- no abomination should be seen anywhere around
and each man kill his brother kill all the activities, worldly things, deceptions of Satan manifested in the church among the brethren
each man his companion each pastor purify his companion church, church in his own country
his neighbour neighbouring church, church in other countries
And the sons of Levi, did according to the words of Moses Church in India, do according to these words of the Lord.  The Lord is invoking you, this is the clarion call extended to you today! Arise, purify churches, and purify My church.  You are given this privilege, the privilege of purifying churches, all around the world!  You are given the privilege to “consecrate yourselves today to Jehovah”.You will be the chosen ones, Church of India, you will be the chosen ones like Levi.
Every man has been against his son and against his brother, that He may bestow upon you a blessing today I want you to be a blessing to the whole world! A blessing to My Church in the world.


Purify, consecrate yourselves! Right now! You have a great responsibility on your shoulders! A great responsibility lying ahead of you! Raise your eyes and see all the abominations in my church! Arise!  You are to clean up my church!


Even though your own son, your own daughter belongs to the church, you have to open your mouth and say, “What your pastor teaches you is wrong!”


When you come to know about the wrong teachings, the compromising tendency of the churches abroad through your own sons and daughters, relatives, neighbours, don’t be silent! Cry aloud! Take the trumpet and echo around the whole world, make my people and church know about the evils and wrongdoings! Don’t be dumb any more! Don’t be afraid any more! They may be parliamentarians, members of Senate! Don’t be afraid! Condemn! Condemn their activities!


Write to them, write to the President! Write to the Political authorities. Write individually. Write as a church. Write representing the Church in India, that we condemn this action! We condemn your church to be dead! Send condolence messages to the dead churches and pastors! Let them realize their duties!


Exercise your authority


Don’t be cowards, you are my ambassadors! Exercise the authority given to you! I made Moses a god to Pharaoh.  I have put my words in your mouth.


The Church in India is going to condemn the Church in U.S.A., the Churches in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, England, etc.  You have to prophecy to the church in Australia! Let them hear the sound of trumpet!


“Cry loudly; do not hold back; Raise your voice like a trumpet.  Declare to My people in these countries their transgression and to the house of Jacob their sins.  Yet they seek Me day by day.  And take delight in knowing My ways. Like a nation that has done righteousness and has not forsaken the ordinance of their God.” (Isaiah 58:1-2)


Isn’t there one Elijah (who went to Ahab- I Kin.17:1) to go to the White House to prophesy to the President?


A trumpet to your lips


Like an eagle he comes against the house of Jehovah, because they have trespassed My covenant and have transgressed against My Law’. (Hos. 8)


These countries have cast off what is good. The enemy will pursue him. (Hos. 8:3)

They have allowed their people to go without restraint; as long as they (the leaders of the country) were, with Me, I blessed them.  Since they have deliberately decided to go away from Me, I too will be away from them.  In their distress, they will seek Me.  I will not be seen.


The Lord shows 1 Sam. 2:30-31, “Therefore the Lord, the God of Israel declares: ‘I promised that your house and your father’s house would minister before Me forever’.  But now the Lord declares: ‘Far be it from Me! Those who honour Me I will honour, but those who despise Me will be disdained.”


Church- A training Institute!


The church is like a college- training and sending out should be its routine.  A student who does his bachelors degree cannot continue in the college for more than 3 years.  He cannot come and sit in his old chair.  Either he has to pass or if he has failed he has to sit at home and write the exam and pass.

Those who have matured in the spiritual gifts should be anointed, dedicated and sent out for ministry.  Those who have grown and successfully finished the training should be sent out every week batch by batch.


Model Church in India!


This is the model of the Church, even for the worldwide Church. This has not been practiced fully in any church.  The Lord has chosen India to be a model in this.


Pastor a Supervisor


The Pastor will be a supervisor to see whether all the believers in the Charis groups are growing, whether anybody is neglected in the ‘Charis’ groups.


The Lord showed me how His gifts, graces poured into the church so far, are not being utilized.  My spirit was grieved greatly because of this. If the church doesn’t do it. the Lord will scatter those churches (See Acts). Each of the apostles were going around and preaching the gospel and planting churches. 


“When the incidents of one Paul, and one Silas are narrated, thousands of people are encouraged.  How many Peters, Pauls, Philips, I have raised in churches?  Why none of them have come out from your church for ministry? Why are they not utilized? Why don’t you raise people who can boldly pose themselves as models just like Paul said?  Could there be only a handful of persons, one Billy Graham and one Benny Hinn in one generation?”


Warning to the Church in India


Foreign Trips


The Lord is asking the Church in India which sends and encourages people to go abroad and make money.  They feed on the sin of My people” (Hos.4:8).


The Spirit warns them:  “Hereafter, only those, who have the courage and boldness to preach about holiness, and chastity in the harsh, strong words, right on their faces, like John the Baptist, should go to preach to the other countries, only those who can point out their sins so that they get convicted and repent.”

Let the pastors know this:  “Whoever preaches and gets money from those churches will be responsible for the sins of the believers of that church.  I will ask their blood in their hands.  Whoever goes to preach abroad, let them preach only about holiness and chastity.”


To the pastors who are asking, “Can’t we go to preach to our own people, Tamil, or Malayalee, who cannot afford to come to India?”, tell them: “They may.  But take care. When they go, let them accept only the money needed for their travel.  If they have to accept extra money each time, they have to ask Me and get My consent.  Let Me know their intentions through this.”


2 Kings 5:15-16à Then Naaman and all his attendants went back to the man of God.  He stood before him and said, “Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel.  Please accept now a gift from your servant.”  The prophet answered, “As surely as the Lord lives whom I serve, I will not accept a thing.” And even though Naaman urged him, he refused.


Correct the Churches in USA and Europe


“Are you not concerned about my church in U.S.A. and Europe?  Are you not indebted to them?  Did they not send their missionaries to your country? Don’t you have the duty to correct these churches?  Let the churches come out of their ‘Grass-Hopper attitude’.”


“Each one is concerned and worried about only ‘his church’, the ‘small church’ with 100, and 200 members.”


Miracles and signs


“The miracles done by the Lord on this earth in the last 10 years have never been done in any period in the history of humanity in the last 6000 years. Why are there unevangelised areas in the world still? Communication network and scientific knowledge have improved to such a great extent. The rate of growth of Evangelism has not increased even 0.5% than when all these facilities were not available.

You do not have a strategy! You do not have a plan!”


Lack of strategy and plan


“If you look at the people of this world who work for their livelihood, they compare the income with the expenditure every month.  Will anybody continue to own a factory which runs at a loss?  You have been running My Church for centuries on loss. Looking at the point of view of the world, it is high time it is closed!  You are keeping my people unproductive, keeping them lazy and lethargic!”

Reasons of Failure


The sole aim of Pastors and church heads is keeping the frame work and structures of their churches.


Have a Master plan for the 7 years and a specific goal!


“The Church leaders and Pastors should have a Master plan for the next 7 years and a specific goal. Even the owner of a herd of cattle has a target- increase of the flock and increased income. You the Church heads want increase only in membership of the church and that also is only for making a name and fame for the church.

You have never made an attempt to make them grow in their gifts, make them fruitful for the spread of the Church. I have this accusation against you, the church heads.

Hereafter, if I am not to get my sheep from your hands, I will remove you from pasturing my sheep, hear my words!


What is Church?


Is it a building? Is it wealth and property? Is it reputation, pomp, popularity and name?  Is it not My People?  You are hasty to have buildings.  You are anxious to keep up the good name and popularity of your church among the people.  It is the People you have to concentrate on! Each one of them has to grow to do ministry I do not want even a single portion of my people, to be mere fruitless spectators!


Let the pastors who hear this make a target right now for the year 2007!  By the end of 2007, I will have 100 Teachers, 100 pastors, 100 worship leaders, 100 children ministers, 100 prayer warriors, 100 miracle workers, 50 healers, 50 prophets etc.  All top level leaders who can stand on international stages!  Not even a single believer should go unidentified. All the wealth and resources the Churches have now, are to be invested in the “people”, not in land, buildings, holding conventions etc. hereafter.



Regulations for believers


  1. The date a believer joins the church should be registered in the admission register.  Each church should have an admission register.
  2. Within 3 months of his entry, his gift should have been identified.
  3. At the end of 3 months, (exactly on the same day) he should join the Charis group. (Define Charis- a group of people identified and gathered on the basis of gifts)
  4. He is given a period of only 3 months in this group.
  5. After three months he should start doing ministry.  It is the duty of the leader of the group to see to it.
  6. Pastor of the church will be the supervisor of all the charis groups, in their proper functioning.
  7. If he has not grown fully (to the trust of the leader) let him be a by-stander (this is an exemption).
  8. The period of by-standing should not go beyond 2 months..
  9. After that he should be sent out for that particular ministry as a minister not as a by-stander.
  10. If he is not trained to be a minister, the leader of the group is to be blamed.
  11. After doing ministry under the supervision of the Charis leader and pastor of the church, he should be

Sent out”

1. Either to start a church or

2. As a missionary.  3.  Or to teach in the Charis group of a church.


This is My MODEL Church.


System for checks and balances


“There should be committees to check up whether the church functions on this basis.  There should be squads to correct, punish if they do not function according to these regulations.  They should not be considered as a “Church”.  Let the Church be defined.  It is an entity to produce evangelists.  If the productivity decreases, let the committee give a warning.  When the productivity stops, it stops to be a church.  The name should be removed from the list.”



A Journeying Church
Let believers keep going, keep journeying.

Acts 15:3 The church sent them.  How many did your church sent?  Ask the church leaders.

Acts 13:47 The Lord has commanded us ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring My salvation to the ends of the earth’.  How many in your church have you grown up to say like this?  Haven’t you kept them like babies still sucking milk?


Acts 14:6 “They fled to the Lycaonian cities of Lystra and Derbe and to the surrounding country, where they continued to preach the gospel’.




You blind and deaf, why did I make many people flee to other countries from Kerala?  Those who cannot understand? The Apostles fled and they preached the gospel.”


“O blind, O deaf, come close and hearken to me!  Why did I create agitations and chase the people to different countries? Why don’t you grasp? The apostles, when I scattered them, grasped my purpose and spread the gospel wherever I sent them.


Why didn’t you come together to ask me, ‘Why so much of strikes, unemployment in this state? Why no foreign investments in this part of the nation? Why no opportunities of creating employment only in this State, a State which stands at the top of literacy, culture, intelligence, and wisdom in the nation.’  It is Me who did it.  I was scattering you to all parts of the earth, in the disguise of seeking jobs and employment opportunities.


Let them flee! Flee from this part of the nation!  Let them flee! Allow the believers to flee and spread the gospel.”


Acts 14:25-27 After they preached in Perge they went to Athalia from there they boarded ship and went to Antioch. They gathered the church and informed them everything.


Acts 14:25Many days they have been travelling.  (Malayalam translation is wrong).  The whole of Acts is a long history of their ‘travel’.


1. Of their “send off”.  News about their travel details, incidents that happened during their travel (Acts 13:4-14:26).

            2. Coming back and sharing the news with gladness to the church.


A church does not become one just by worshipping on Sundays ‘within the 4 walls’. Worshipà growà matureà sendà go on sendingà Sundayà Sundayà every Sunday


Those who are sent will come back to the Church just to let them know the Lord’s miracles and wonders. The new believers will hear, get encouraged, become enthusiastic, become ready to be sent, wait for the day of their being released from the church.  They will then communicate from the mission areas.

Acts.15:37à “wanted to take with him”. Those who are not courageous to go on their own, will be taken by others as a companion.


‘Thus’ churches were strengthened in faith, increased in number day by      day (Acts 16:5).  How? Read and find out in 16:4.  Verse 5 is the result of verse 4.  Why is the church not increasing ‘daily’? Because 16:4 is not fulfilled.


Acts 16:4 (NIV)

“As they traveled from town to town, they delivered the decisions reached by the apostles and elders in Jerusalem for the people to obey”.


“Bypassed certain places”.  The Spirit of the Lord banned their entry to certain cities.  Holy Spirit is the master who decides the places of ministry.  Not the senior pastor or anybody else. Let them be guided by the Spirit in choosing the places to go.


Church- not stagnant water!  “Is My Church a gutter?”  “I am the source of life-giving fountain” (Jn. 7:37-38). “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.  Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (Jn. 4:14).


A Moving Church


“My church should be moving.  As My Spirit moves, it also should be moving.  It cannot stay rigid in one place.  My Spirit cannot be constrained to a room, a church building, a village, a town, a city or even a nation! My Spirit has no national frontiers!

Do you think My Spirit will sleep all the 6 days and get up only on Sundays?  No.  You have formed such a Church which sleeps all the 6 days and awakens only on Sunday!”


A Pilgrim Church


Look at Paul. He was moving.

From Derbe (Acts 16:1) to Lystra. He took a disciple Timothy, went from city to city (16:4), throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia (16:6).  Then to Macedonia (16:10).  From  Troas to Neopolis to Philippi (16:11-12).  There were women there- Lydia (16:14), stayed in their house a few days, got jailed, released, met in Lydia’s house (16:40) consoled them and left.  Passed through Amphipolis (17:1) and Appolonia, came to Thessalonica (noble women) (17:4).  A great agitation. News spread that “those who stirs the world have come here too” (17:10). Jason accepted Christ.  Then to the city of Berea.  People accepting the message, there was a riot and then they were sent off by sea.  Silas and Timothy stayed back (17:14).  On to Athens.  The command to send back the two disciples immediately.  People of Athens anxious to know the new Teaching (17:19). Preaching there.  Then coming to Corinth (18:1) where they met Aquila, Priscilla.  etc. etc.


This is the life and pilgrim journey of an apostle!


Training and sending Apostles


“How many Apostles have been trained, anointed and sent by churches like this? Let each church submit the account. Do they function with a target of sending out a fixed number every year?

Did I pour my Spirit only on Paul?  In 2006 years how many Pauls have been raised by the Church? How many Timothys?  Even those whom I raise, will be made dumb by the church!”


Anointing- Every Sunday


“Every Sunday there should be anointing in each church. In front of all the believers, missionaries (Hill horses) will be anointed!  Then and there I will announce the place and State.  Let them start immediately.  As families, as individuals (if not married).  They should have vacated the place before the next Sunday.”


To – Where?


“Some will go for training! Some will directly go to the destinations.  I will specifically tell certain believers to go straight to the places without any training. Let them be ready to go!


In places where you are sent, some will accept you.  Some will not accept you.  Don’t worry about those who do not accept you.  Dust off your clothes and leave the place.  In next seven years this will happen. Remember this is the last chance given to them to accept Christ! Don’t refuse giving this chance (hearing the Gospel and deciding for themselves) to anybody in this country.  On the Judgment Day you will be able to stand guiltless in front of me! They will not accuse you.”


No time to stay in a place!  “You will not find time to stay in a particular place!  Let each one come out of the church!”  Preaching (17:22), Counseling (18:4), Proving (18:5), Moving out to a new place (18:6-7).

New Members


“Your church will remain like this!  If only you vacate the old believers, new members will join the church.”


Paul came to the house of Justus (18:7).  He saw a vision.  “Don’t be silent.  Go on preaching.  I have many people in this city.  When you start preaching, visions and revelations will follow (18:11).  Maximum period of stay 1½ years in a place.


Before Governors


“You will be brought before Governors, political authorities! Don’t be afraid! I made Gallio to chase the mass away!  I will do for you the same thing! See the confusion that arose there. People beating each other! But he did not mind anything.  Just drove them away, telling “This is a matter of your religion.  I am not here to enquire such matters” (18:17).  I will create confusions among those who are against you.”

He stayed there many days and then left.

You will have companions from houses where you stay!  Aquila and Priscilla, those with whom Paul stayed, also accompanied Paul in his mission trips when he left (18:18).  What a powerful testimony he would have posed while living with them!


Have a discerning spirit regarding where to stay!  The Ephesians compelled Paul to stay.  But he refused and went to Caesarea (18:20-22).  From Antioch to Galatia to Phrygia (18:23).


The next 7 years.  This will be the duty of the Church Heads.  Believers will be sent to different States!  They will migrate to the Northern part of the country!  Pastors will have to travel many times to visit them, to strengthen them, to encourage them (18:23).


See the incident of 18:24-28.  Leave the differences on words and doctrines. Let each church be moving, moving to the north!


19:10 In 2 years!

God did many miracles! The Word of God spread with all power.

“He decided in the Spirit” (19:21) Let your travels be decided in the Spirit.


1)      He wanted to visit Rome (19:21).

2)      Great tribulation occurred (19:23).

3)      Cities were filled with agitation (19:29).

4)      When it was over, he again went to Macedonia (20:1).

5)      He counseled and consoled the disciples in Greece for 3 months (20:2).

6)      Syria got company (20:4, 20:13, 20:14, 20:15-16).

7)      Next 7 years will be years of travel like this.  The days of planting churches, strengthening churches.



Church of Kerala – Depart Immediately


“Let My people take leave for 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years from jobs and go!  When they go to foreign countries to work, first they will take visiting visa and then extend, then try to get a job and settle there.  Let them do the same now when they go to the North.”

Uttar Pradesh Ready!


Missionaries may be sent to U.P.  NPCTI is ready to accept them, sponsor them, train them, accommodate them, and to make arrangement to plant churches there.  After planting churches there, you should proceed to other places. From the beginning you should concentrate on training local people to take up responsibilities like preaching, worship leading, house visiting, etc. so that after a particular time, say 6 months, you can move on.


Informal temporary understanding and cooperation


Let the churches that send missionaries to the North (immediately to U.P.) make a contract with the NPCTI till ENHF finishes training of the Hill Horses and its infrastructure is in place.  Those who are ready to send HH soon can go immediately making a contract with the NPCTI.  Let the churches release candidates who need training.  Let the teachers be trained soon.  They will be training the HH in Kerala.  After getting the 3½ months training of Shekinah, Eshcol, Peniel, Bethel, let them go to the North batch by batch and fill up the country!




Believers are the wealth of the church!  The Spirit in you is the source of all wealth!  A church should not have worldly property, material wealth.  If they don’t listen I am going to shatter all the wealth and property of established churches!  The wealth of the churches will be confiscated.  Prepare the believers to face this!  I am the source of wealth, property, intelligence, gifts, and everything for you.  If one possesses me, he will be wealthy enough to make every man wealthy.  I will teach this lesson in underground churches.  They will learn it.  Yes, they will learn it .

Ezekiel 13:10-15.

My son, come away, come away, run away!