The Army of Jesus is the Military wing of the Church of Jesus Christ. It was founded on 11.11.1998 to fight against the activities of satan. The soliders of this army have to put on the whole armour of God (i.e Truth , Righteousness, Gospel of peace, Faith salvation and Word of God.  It expresses itself  in troops (groups) of 10 members and the  roots permeate silently into the society even to the  utmost villages through the hardest soil and rock.   It takes the command and follows the strategy given by its Supreme Leader, every now and then. Without relying on/without any  security from human beings, it marches forward, uprooting and toppling down the colossal , gigantic barriers of satan  and  progresses forward? How? Visit us:

 In 2006 when the Lord revealed His clear strategy for transforming India  through a vision given on 16.6.2006,  all the ministries of Jesus Christ done across India were coordinated by the 10 Wings (groups).

  1. Ophir Wing gathered the Church in India for collecting the 20% reserve.
  1. The Almond Wing conducted the ENHF  trainings Shekinah, Eshcol, Peniel and Bethel. (860 batches)
  1. The Cinnamon Wing started the company KHRDC for  placing the trainees.
  1. The Lord sent His angels as members of  Jasper Wing to mobilize the  resources of the Church for the Trainings.
  1. The Sapphire Wing is managing the Hill Horses in  various parts of the nation.
  1. The Wheel Wing – came together many times under the auspices of many Organizations in India to plan out and to execute.
  1. The Wind Wing evaluated every now and then and saw that the focus is not lost, especially through the vision give on “”Model Church” and  the warning given through “Operation Ecclesia”
  1. The Fire Wing conducted  24 hours chain prayers in the major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and in Kerala and finally opened the NWC on 13.4.2014
  1. Beryl Wing, through the Kingdom Gazette and Ezuchikural (The Clarion Call) maintained communication. JAWP was the loudest  cry of 2013.
  2. The Eye Wing with eyes all around is doing the watchman job.

What are the Wings all about?

What have they achieved?

Visit us…

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  • Training and Placement

    A 10 day residential training camp (Aug 27th Evening 06.00PM to Sep 6th ) at Jacob Gardens, Padapai, Chennai. The Job placements will be provided for candidates who are interested in being testimonies to the Gospel in their workplaces.

    Send your resumes to our email ID :

    Contact us:

    9952040052, 9443247808.

    Shekinah Centre,
    Jacob Gardens,
    Kil Padappai,
    Kanchipuram District - 601 301.



    I saw a while bright lamb sitting inside the throne room covered with gold.

    I saw a multitude of heavenly beings dressed in light blue attire worshipping along with us. The entire throne room was filled with such glorious heavenly beings. I was unable to open my eyes under the power of this vision.

    While we were worshipping, a golden door was opened and angelic hosts  were worshipping the Lord. Isa 44:21 Remember these things, O Jacob, for you are my servant, O Israel. I have made you, you are my servant; O Israel, I will not forget you.

    While worshipping we saw Jesus crowned, sitting  near us. We saw light and fire.

    While  worshipping I felt the presence of the Lord. I. was fully covered by the love of the heavenly Father. Tears were rolling down my cheeks without my knowledge. I am relieved of all my burdens. I am covered up with God’s presence. 

    Today while we were  worshipping God, I felt the deep presence of God. I felt like a perfume is poured out in the throne room. It was the presence of God like a perfume. I was unable to control my tears. I strongly believe this perfume is going to spread out and fill over the […]

    While worshipping I saw only few of us  me and those worshipping sitting in the midst of light . Immense joy! As if we were journeying in a ship gladly in  an ocean!

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