Operation Ecclesia

Revelation received on 19.8.2013

Vision: I woke up  in the early morning hearing a voice.

Lift up your  (self name) voice that the blood will not be required at your hand.”

Expansion:   As soon as I heard this voice,  I strongly felt in my spirit that the Lord is going to do something  in these four months of the year 2013. On 19th I woke up hearing a voice,


When we prayed, the Lord showed  this portion from  the Bible.

And it came to pass at the end of seven days, that the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, [17] Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. [18] When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Ezekiel 3:16-18

The Lord also gave a Master plan of Action.

Vision : Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ Acts 2:42-47

The Lord said,  I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you”.Ps. 32:8

Name given:Operation Ecclesia

Goal: Bring back the present Church to its original status and love.


1. Equip all the believers to evangelize by empowering them in their God-given gifts

2. Starting Gift schools in all the Churches,  to identify, equip, train and  anoint and  release the believers to do ministry  in their work places

3. Motivate them to use all the facilities and resources the Lord has given to the Churches for this. (By resources we mean the buildings, finance, resource persons on various gifts, etc.)

( By Church we do not mean  the hierarchy of the structure or  building,  but only the believers. Pastors, Church heads, bishops, deacons, prophets, evangelists everybody fall under the category of believers).

Jesus trained the  illiterate Apostles for 3 years and established His Church with them. He handed over to them all authority that was given to Him by His Father . How many years do a pastor need to train up a believer of his church for ministry? It should be maximum 6  to 12 months.

4.  Help every believer  to have  a personal relationship with God.

5. Church worship to be done in smaller groups where there is more intimacy and interaction with the brethren.

The Lord asked me a question. “Is not  there any one  who can correct the malpractices that are going on in my house? If I can’t find any, I will bring gentiles to bring reformation in my Church. They will be used as  hammers and axes to bring about corrections.  It will be too hard and miserable for them.

An army should be raised out of the people who will stand firm  in front of hardships and difficult situations – a group of war horses, trained only for battle.

Vision: I saw in a  vision someone giving a paper to a Pastor telling, “We are planning to enforce this on Churches  “

“In what way?  He asked.

“Take steps to correct the Churches and to wake it up from lethargy. In each Church we are going to  inaugurate this. We have come to inform you about the details.

Believers everywhere  are dissatisfied about the way Churches are functioning. Churches have to be revived.

  1. No fruits. Barren Churches because of lack of  relationship with God. Pastors want the believers to relate with them more than with Jesus Christ.
  2. No training to exercise the gifts– Mark 16:15-17 mentions about 5 signs of a believer.  How many of your believers are  identified by  these 5 signs.
  3. 2013 years have been given to you to evangelize India.  How many years more do you need to execute it?
  4. There are no specific plans with which you work. E.g. there are  only 7 lakhs villages in India. In Tamil Nadu alone  more than 50, 000 Churches exist. If we take the  statistics, the number  of Churches may exceed  the number  of villages in India. If you plan out things,  within one month India can be reached out. One village in India has to be allotted to one Church. Why can’t you plan out things, form a strategy and work? It is high time you leaders did it. If you can’t sit  together and plan out things,  we are going to take up the work.
  5. 2013 years passed since the Lord gave us the Great Commission and yet nearly 25% of the World’s 12,000 people groups haven’t had a chance to hear the Gospel in a way that they can respond. There are still more than 2000 language groups in the world with no verse of the scripture. There are more than one million neighbourhoods (villages/colonies) of world with no churches as of now. “There are more than 2.3 billion Christians, more than 5 million churches, more than 43,000 denominations, and more than 12 million Christian workers across the globe. With all these resources amassed, why is it that the task of reaching the entire world is still unfinished? ” (www.issacharinitiative.org) Should we not take the Great Commission more seriously if we really love the Lord? After Evangelizing India through implementing  “Model Church” Vision, the Indian Church will  shake  the global Church.
  1. If the Church in India wants to escape a severe persecution, it has to stand united and get the following things done immediately..
  2. At present  the gifts of the believers are wasted in the Churches. They are not identified. Start identifying them. Find out the







Composers of music,


Evangelists (categorize them into eva. among Hindus, eva. among Muslims, eva. among tribals, eva. among North Indians, eva. among Adivasis, eva. among gypsies eva. among Alchoholics, eva. among drug addicts, eva. among aids patients, eva. among sick people, eva. among destitute and orphans, eva. among senior citizens, etc…etc..) Take a statistical survey of the resources, movable and immovable properties of the Churches.

  1. Within one month,  in every Church (calculate 30 days  from the date you met the pastor) Gifts schools should be started. Classes should be started in the following way.


Sl Gifts  Schools to be started For a Congregation of
1 5 100 believers or below 100
2 10 From 101-200  believers
3 15 From 201-300  believers
4 20 From 301-400  believers
5 25 From 401-500  believers

For starting schools, the procedure given in the Model Church should be followed.

A squad will be appointed to check whether the schools are started and functioning in the proper way.

In New Testament there are no mediators.  Jesus Christ alone is the mediator. Every believer belongs to the royal priesthood. Why don’t you exercise it? You follow the same hierarchical system of the perverted  Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches (like C.S.I., C.N.I., Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterians….etc) which  don’t accept or believe in the working of  the Holy Spirit  among the believers. You have also deteriorated by not allowing the believers to exercise their authority.  If you don’t correct yourself, allow the believers of your Church to attend the Gift schools, get anointing  and start practicing their gifts, you will be highly accountable  and will have to meet the results.

  1.  Calculate the loss the Kingdom of God  suffered on this earth for the past 2013 years. If there were no structural Churches like yours, all your believers  would have established direct relationship with God and as a result would have grown ten times or even more than  their pastor in productivity . He has been tied up to your church and became useless and ineffective for the Kingdom of God!
  1. For the past 2013 years the structural church has been fighting with God and His plan. In every century He has raised His prophets who  revealed His specific plan for the particular period, called them for repentance and reconciliation with God. The Church has not fulfilled its plan of existence on this earth! Result? Indiscipline, chaos, competitions, disputes, splits, court cases and what not? All the sins mentioned in Rom. 1:28-32 are seen among Christians! Divine interventions and presence are missing in the Sunday worships. They have become rituals and imposed routines. In western countries Church buildings are sold for bars, Mosques, schools and public  institutions.   Even after knowing all these, the Indian Church is imitating the same!


Unless you Church heads and leaders put an end to this, God will hand over the Indian Church to the gentiles.

This is  the final warning!

For the past 7 years, the Lord has been instructing and warning the Churches on the modalities of its functioning! “Unless they abide by these principles they will be thrown out” was the message!

Since there is no more time, we  earnestly request you with the tender love of Jesus Christ, to execute the following immediately in your Church.

  1. All the believers of your Church have to be trained up as ministers who minister in their own given gifts as the Lord wants them.
  2. Within a specific period of time, their training should be over, should be anointed as prophets, evangelists, preachers, counselors, administrators, worshippers etc.
  3. A day should be fixed as graduation day. On that day, the statistics of trained ministers should be published. This should be done at regular frequency. (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) . Every Church should publish   the number of ministers trained in each gift every year.  Each individual  believer should be trained in any one gift or the other. This should become the  basic rule of every Church.
  4. Before 2014, Your Church should start the training in 2013 itself.
  5. Churches  should be believer oriented and not pastor oriented. The growth of the Church should not be measured according to the buildings, infra structure, tithe the pastor gets, the gifts pastor exercises,  or even the Church owns, not even on the number of believers. But it should be measured according to the no. of believers who are trained in the gifts, graduated in the  gifts &  commissioned to minister in the particular gifts.
  6. Your Church should have started this training by ————-(within 10 days after getting this intimation)    and completed by ———————-(after 90 days ). Before the destruction comes, you should take steps. Your church can be the cause of destruction of the whole nation!
  7. If you hesitate or delay  to do this, the Lord will turn  the believers of your Church to  rise against you and start  revolting since this is God’s plan for your Church. Rise up! Build your Church! build up the walls that are broken! Before the gentiles come and devastate the Holy places,  let us correct ourselves!
  8. The Lord wants to  raise a squad to evaluate the growth of this project within  fixed days.


After drafting the above, when I enquired the Lord, He gave the verses.

Jeremiah 48: 14, 15-16

Jer 48:14-16  “How do you say, ‘We are heroes and mighty men of war’?

The destroyer of Moab and his cities has come up, and the choicest of his young men have gone down to slaughter, declares the King, whose name is the LORD of hosts.

The calamity of Moab is near at hand, and his affliction hastens swiftly.

Jer 49:14  I have heard a message from the LORD, and an envoy has been sent among the nations: “Gather yourselves together and come against her, and rise up for battle!

Jer 49:10  But I have stripped Esau bare; I have uncovered his hiding places, and he is not able to conceal himself. His children are destroyed, and his brothers, and his neighbors; and he is no more.

Jer 49:2  Therefore, behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will cause the battle cry to be heard against Rabbah of the Ammonites; it shall become a desolate mound, and its villages shall be burned with fire; then Israel shall dispossess those who dispossessed him, says the LORD.

While I was writing this, Lord reminded me of the group, a  team from Kerala.  Through them this warning  should reach the Kerala Church also.

Jer 49:20  Therefore hear the plan that the LORD has made against Edom and the purposes that he has formed against the inhabitants of Teman: Even the little ones of the flock shall be dragged away. Surely their fold shall be appalled at their fate.

Jer 49:21  At the sound of their fall the earth shall tremble; the sound of their cry shall be heard at the Red Sea.

Jer 49:22  Behold, one shall mount up and fly swiftly like an eagle and spread his wings against Bozrah, and the heart of the warriors of Edom shall be in that day like the heart of a woman in her birth pains.”

Jer 49:31  “Rise up, advance against a nation at ease, that dwells securely, declares the LORD, that has no gates or bars, that dwells alone.

Jer 50:6  “My people have been lost sheep. Their shepherds have led them astray, turning them away on the mountains. From mountain to hill they have gone. They have forgotten their fold.

Jer 50:4  “In those days and in that time, declares the LORD, the people of Israel and the people of Judah shall come together, weeping as they come, and they shall seek the LORD their God.

Jer 50:5  They shall ask the way to Zion, with faces turned toward it, saying, ‘Come, let us join ourselves to the LORD in an everlasting covenant that will never be forgotten.’

Jer 50:23  How the hammer of the whole earth is cut down and broken! How Babylon has become a horror among the nations!

Jer 50:24  I set a snare for you and you were taken, O Babylon, and you did not know it; you were found and caught, because you opposed the LORD.

Jer 50:25  The LORD has opened his armory and brought out the weapons of his wrath, for the Lord GOD of hosts has a work to do in the land of the Chaldeans.