Covenant Women Meet (CWM)

A wonderful opportunity for ladies who want to serve the Lord
Covenant Women Meet
A movement to raise the status of Women in India

“Now gather yourself in Troops, O daughter of troops, he had laid siege against us. “ Mica: 5:1

Both in history and in the Bible women’s role is very important.

During the crucial period of our Lord’s visitation to India (2007 – 2014), He wants our fair sex mass play a vital role in the transformation of our nation. In order to train them up, a 12 hour training programme is given by the Lord. KHRDC started implementing it and successfully completed 9 batches, 3 in Chennai and 6 in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. The CWM was held at ThirukazhuKundram. The first session was conducted on 28th November 2015 and the second session was conducted on 19th December 2015. 52 participants attended the meeting.

This training session covers the following subjects,
· Fallen nature of women and restoration by Jesus Christ
· Building relationship
· Finance Management
· House Maintenance
· Exercising the authority of parents
· Behavioral manners
· Common Female medical problems for women.
· Civic Sense

According to God’s plan this has to reach all across India in order to lift up the women. KHRDC offers a wonderful opportunity to ladies.

Those who want to develop your area, Church, town, house and society by conducting CWM
Those who want to attend CWM
Those who want to teach in CWM

Kindly contact
Sol.Brintha – 9489283036,
Dr. Selina – 9791123953

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