Fire Wing


Fire Wing (Prayer Team or Vigilance)


  1. To facilitate the Captains’ work a third  but the most important team is to be appointed. I.e. the Prayer team.


  1. A strong prayer team, consisting of 5 warriors is to be set up on the National level.


  1. This Wing is named “Fire Wing”.  The name itself represents its identity.


  1. This team will have sub-wings in different places. The Fire Wing  is responsible in setting up the sub wings in all the Churches of all denominations, States, Districts, Taluks,city, towns and villages varying the number according to the availability of warriors.


  1. Is.62:6,7,  Neh.4:22,23


“Upon your walls, O, Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen, All day and all night they will never keep silent; You who remind Jehovah, do not be dumb:

And do not give Him quiet until He establishes and until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth”: Is.62:6,7


I also said to the people at that time, Let every man and his servant spend the night inside Jerusalem, so that they may be guard for us by night and work by day; So neither, I nor my brothers, nor my servants, nor the men of the guard who followed me, none of us took off our clothes; each had his weapon at his right hand”.


  1. They should have a 24 hours chain prayer with fasting going on in a particular centre solely for this purpose.  The already existing prayer towers can be converted for this purpose..


  1. The Captains may send the  prayer requests any time day and night to the prayer towers.  According to the urgency and severity, they may distribute it to the sub wing and to the no. of warriors.


  1. The Captains should meet the Fire Wing once in two months and share their experiences.  While meeting they can give in writing the prayer petitions. The Fire Wing  also should have come prepared with the prayer answers, collected from the all sub wings,  and should  share the visions, revelations, warnings(if any) messages and whatever the Lord has revealed.


  1. This will boost the Captains, to work with enthusiasm, when they go back .  The Captains may (if necessary) give a copy of the report, along with the prayer petitions., in order to  thank the Lord.