Wheel Wing



Eshcol National Harvest Festival

ENHF Co-ordinating Team (Administrative Wings)

Wheel Wing

There should be a National Co-ordinating Team which consists of 5 members.

  1. The National Co-ordinating  Team will function only for the 14 years.  If anybody retires, substitute can be appointed in the same way as we are going to do it now by the same body which appointed the first one.
  2. This Team reflect and manifest the  “Unity of Christians” in India.
  3. They represent the 2% Christians in India. Through them all the co-operation needed for the ENHF from the various churches in India can be availed.
  4. They will not directly involve in any of the activities of the ENHF
  5.  They will come together once in 2 months (when the reports of the activities in progress, are submitted by the Captains of the different wings).
  6. While the Captains submit the reports, along with it they will bring another paper also  which explicitly states  all the requirements which they need and expect, for the next two months,  from each Church or Renewal Movement.  The need should be specific and clearly put in black and white.(for e.g. if they need a recommendation letter from any one of them, the letter should be brought already printed. After explaining it to the body, the team member  just have to sign. This will lessen their work)

How to Appoint the Team

When the members come together for the inaugural session on 9-11, they will pray over this.  If they like to suggest anybody in the particular category, they can do so.  They will be given a paper to write 3 names priority wise in each category.  The five categories are given below.

  1. One Representative from the Catholic Church  (One who has influence over the C.B.C.I. (Catholic Bishops Conference of India) and C.R.I. (Catholic Religious  of India) at the same time who has the burden for evangelizing India  and one who is  favourable for the Renewal Movements.)
  2. One representative from the Protestant Churches of India ( same condition as the above)
  3. One representative from the Renewal Churches (Pentecostal )in India
  4. One representative from the Evangelists of India

5. One Member of the Eye Wing

This is the Board of ENHF.  This wing is called the “Wheel Wing”.Eze.10:12,13.


  1. The first meeting : Reading and meditating on the book of Nehemiah, the summary of all the chapters. This should be followed in all the  first meetings of the ENHF. A passage on the book of Neh. Should be meditated on.


2        One preacher should be appointed to explain each and every verse in detail, correlating it with the dilapidated condition of the Church in India and the need of rebuilding it and  the working of the ENHF.

  1. All the other rules see 4,5 and 6 of the above.