Advance Study in Troop Church Training (ASTCT)

”  They shall see the glory of the Lord, the majesty of our God”    (Is, 35:2)

Troop Churches are the signs of the times. The Lord is bent on bringing back the early Christian house church pattern. He has proved by wonders and signs his plan of action and his word in the troop churches.

An intense study programme is given by the Lord to make believers understand have Satan has tactfully entered into the present day churches and how they had been deceived and made blind by him. We should know our enemy, fight against him and conquer him.

With this purpose Advance Study in Troop Church Training is conducted. It has already been started in 3 places in Chennai. Participants receive the grace and anointing to become war horses. They aim at bringing this nation under the regin of  Jesus Christ.

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